NLCB Play Whe Results

NLCB Play Whe Results in Trinidad and Tobago are updated after the Play Whe game draws which occur Monday to Saturday at 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM. At the bottom of the Play Whe results for today, there is a search form that you can use to check previous Play Whe results

NLCB Play Whe Results:

Saturday 20th July 2024.

Morning Draw #24662
8 Tiger WB WB WB
Midday Draw #24663
17 Pigeon WB WB MX
Afternoon Draw #24664
24 Queen WB WB WB
Evening Draw #24665
32 Shrimps WB MU WB

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Play Whe Results Timetable

Most commonly, Play whe is conducted various times in a single day like in the morning, afternoon, and in evening. Time is not flexible for such draws but may perform around 10:30 pm, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:30 PM, and 8:30 PM, local Trinidad and Tobago time.

Play Whe Lotto Results July 2024

DATE Morning Midday Afternoon Evening
18 July 2024 12 MB MU 8 14 MB 23 MB
17 July 2024 32 MB 35 MB 8 35
16 July 2024 3 MB 23 19 MX 15
15 July 2024 32 MB MX 35 MB MX 2 MU 20 MB
13 July 2024 6 BB MX 7 MU 15 20 BB
12 July 2024 10 13 MX 32 MU 9 MB
11 July 2024 18 BB 1 MB BB 16 MU 14 BB
10 July 2024 17 BB 31 BB BB 13 BB 2
9 July 2024 9 MX 9 MB BB 21 BB 31 BB
8 July 2024 10 MB MU BB 13 MB 35 MB 25 BB BB MX
6 July 2024 1 34 BB BB 35 MU MX 34 MU
5 July 2024 12 17 31 BB BB MX 32 BB BB
4 July 2024 31 26 1 BB MX 35 MB MU
3 July 2024 4 BB MX 16 MB 18 22
2 July 2024 3 MU 27 BB 9 BB BB 35 BB MU
1 July 2024 12 BB 32 MU 16 BB 20

Play Whe Previous Results 2024


What is Play Whe?

Play Whe is actually a winning game like a lottery which was developed by Trinidad and Tobago. It provides a great opportunity to the players to win cash prizes by assuming the combination of various numbers in a correct manner. The game has been a part of Trinidad culture for years and people walk in this contest from all lifestyles to try their luck. Players are awaiting anxiously for the Whe play results and acknowledge the combinations of winning numbers. Whe results generally display on different platforms such as television channels, newspapers and other online studios.

The interesting nature of game is that players select different types of bets such as straight bets and box bets, both have different features. Players are directed to select four winning number having 36 set of possibilities. The best part of whe play results is the excitement of players and their hope to see number in winning combinations.

How to Play?

In Play whe game, there are almost 36 possibilities of choosing numbered balls. 36 balls make a complete set marked with particular numbers from 1 to 36. Players have a chance to select numbers on the basis of betting options and provide different combination to get best possible payouts. The selection from the pool of numbered balls is according to the personal interests. Price of each ball vary depending on the wager demand and bet type. Minimum quote for the bet that players places is 1$.

Winning Secrets of Play Whe Results

In Trinidad and Tobago, playing Play Whe games is not merely a lottery game but it is a fabric of routine life which captivates the audience attention to try their luck and fortune. For interested people, checking Paly Whe results is a journey filled with speculations and a little bit superstition. When we go deep into the insights and features, Play Whe results unveil the more opportunities and strategies. Let’s move on to unlock these winning secrets.

  1. The numbers game

The core of Play Whe game are the numbers the participants have to select to know the mysteries of fortune. Participants get more fascination in this game by knowing about the past and current trends and their significance. This analysis empowers players to make informed decision on selecting numbers.

  1. Community Connections

Play Whe is not just a single participant game rather it involves the whole community from neighborhood, workplace and families. Discussions and debates at this communal level share enthusiasm among players. Connections may promote from social media platform such as WhatsApp chats or Facebook groups

  1. Strategies and Insights

Strategic approach paly an important role in determining the chance of wins by applying various tactics such as number selection and bet types. By acknowledge these strategies, players become enable to understand bets for optimal winning results. Types of bets for higher payouts adds more insights into Play Whe results.

Play Whe Hot and Cold

The term Hot Numbers refers to the most frequently drawn numbers. Many users analyze the hot number and win the lottery game.

Some hot numbers are:

10 27 16 04 23 06 24 35 29 01

Cold Numbers are rarely drawn numbers in cash Pot. By knowing them, you can decrease your chances of losing chances.

10 18 13 14 11 26 35 15 19 22

How to check Play Whe results?

Each play Whe winning result announced on the same day via different channels and platforms. This includes radio broadcasts, newspaper, TV shows, and online platforms. Another reliable source for results coverage is online websites, social accounts and mobile applications for quick approach.

Particular lottery draws and events

Sometimes, particular occasions and draws will be held at special moments such as celebration of long holidays, promotions or jackpot opportunities. These play whe schedule announce a week before occurrence. The purpose is to aware the players for play whe results and announcements and to early participate in winnings. To get updates, most of the players frequently visit the official website of National lottery control board.


  1. What is a Play Whe?

Play Whe is the most popular lottery game in Trinidad and Tobago in which players allowed to select four numbers from a pool of 36 numbered balls.

  1. How to run Play Whe?

To run the Play Whe, you have to choose four numbers shown on your screen. The combination of numbers also depends on the type of bet as the bet decides the wining prize.

  1. When Play Whe results announce?

Play whe results announced multiple times in day after flexible intervals and at fixe timing such as morning, midday, afternoon and evening.

  1. What are different categories of bet?

These bets include straight bets, box bets and combination bets. Straight bets involve matching of numbers in exact order, box bets involve setting of numbers in any order while in combination bets wagering is involved through multiple combinations.

  1. Can I Play Whe lottery game online?

Yes, it is possible to place bets and check play whe results announcements online through authorized platforms and websites.

Rules and Regulations :

Age : 

Players must be 18 years old.

Ticket : 

Tickets are not refundable.