The NLCB Play Whe Result for today has been announced now. The NLCB play Whe results 2023 are available for analysis. Results for Play Whe are provided by National Lottery Control Boards (NLCB) based on the daily draw in Trinidad and Tobago. The interest occurs at the correct times, 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM, from Monday to Saturday. Every result is updated as soon as available.

NLCB Play Whe Results Times:

Results are announced four times every day, Monday to Saturday, for the NLCB Play Whe Lotto drawings.

04 Dec 202318 MB11 MB31 WB
02 Dec 202314 WB16 MB36 WB02 MB
01 Dec 202322 WB25 WB15 WB24 WB

  1. Morning 10:30 am.
  2. Midday 1:00 pm.
  3. Afternoon 4:00 pm.
  4. Evening 07:00 pm.

NLCB Play Whe Latest Results will be published on this website as soon as the daily draw results become public.

Previous Play Whe results can be checked via a search bar, and a part displays where we are right now.

NLCB Play Whe Results Today Hot & Cold Numbers

Most likely, a few numbers come up in every drawing! A few numbers usually come up in every draw. As a result of a chance to be drawn, these hot numbers—also known as often drawn numbers—are often drawn on by lottery players.

View the Play Whe Lotto numbers that were drawn the most and the least frequently!

Check Your Numbers:

After the draw, compare the numbers drawn with the ones on your ticket. Depending on the bet type you selected, you may win based on specific matching criteria.

Hot & Cold Numbers

You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn. Check out the list of the most, and the least, frequently drawn numbers in Play Whe lotto!

Hot Numbers

In the past 200 Play, Whe draws, the following numbers have been drawn the most often:

9 7 16 4 23 6 24

Cold Numbers

The following numbers have been drawn the least in the past 200 Play Whe draws:

20 18 13 10 11 26 35

In the Play Whe lotto draw, professional players use hot and cold numbers that usually occur. These numbers are drawn all the time. Some numbers show up in every interest! These are hot numbers that get drawn regularly, as well known. View the Play Whe lotto numbers that were drawn the most and the least frequently.

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NLCB Play Whe FAQs:

Here are some crucial inquiries and responses regarding Play Whe. The most frequently asked questions about the NLCB Lottery are listed here.

How to Play Whe?

By selecting “ALL,” you can choose to participate in all four drawings or specific days for your tickets. You will receive access after making a purchase that includes the game, draw date(s), and number(s) of your choice. Always double-check your Play Whe Ticket before leaving the store, just in case.

When are the draws held?

The Trinidad and Tobago, NLCB Play Whe results are updated following each game draw, which takes place Monday–Saturday at 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM,

How to get a prize?

You must use the online terminal within 180 days after the draw date to claim rewards. You must go to the National Lotteries Control Board to collect winning tickets worth more than $5,600.

Prize Amount

NLCB Play Whe Board pays $24 for each 1 Dollar wagered.

For example: if you are playing for $10 then just multiply it by 24 like 10×24= $240 will be the prize amount.

What is a Whe Bonus Ball?

NLCB re-introduces the Play Whe Mega Bonus Ball. From Today onwards, you can win either an additional $36 or an additional $74 for every $1 played on the MegaBall when it calls.

What is Whe Payout?

In order to win Trinidad and Tobago Play Whe, the number drawn must match the number that was played in a panel. There is a 1 in 36 chance you will win. The payout for choosing the winning number is $26.00 for every $1.00 wagered but payouts have gone as high as 36 to 1 during promotions.

Rules and Regulations

Age: The age of participants must be 18+

Ticket: It is the only proof of your selected numbers and you cannot claim your prize if you have lost your ticket.

Misprint: The ticket will not be considered valid if it is misprinted.

Validation: For a valid ticket it is necessary to be registered with the Lottery Central Computer.

Visit this page to see more rules and regulations of this game which are decided by the National Lotteries Control Board NLCB.