[UPDATED] Businesswoman gunned down in San Fernando

The businesswoman who was ambushed and gunned down outside her home in San Fernando, early Saturday, stood no chance of escaping her killers.

Allison De Leon, 43, was the co-owner of De Leon’s Banana Ltd – a company that buys and sells bananas to supermarkets and other businesses.

The mother of four died in the driver’s seat of her Range Rover in front of the family’s home at Jinjul Drive in Duncan Village, at around 6 am.

She had driven out of her driveway and was heading toward Parry Lane (off SS Erin Road) where a white car heading in the opposite direction blocked her pathway.

A gunman, wearing dark clothing, got out and began shooting at her. Video footage shows her reversing and trying to flee from the shooters.

Her SUV came to a halt at the front of her home. The assailants drove alongside her SUV while the gunman continued to open fire at her SUV. The car sped off along Jinjul Drive.

Relatives and residents found De Leon’s body and alerted the police.

The police do not have a motive, and relatives declined to speak to the media, saying they wanted privacy. Residents also did not want to comment.

Newsday learned that her husband died last year from covid and the family was still trying to come to terms with his death.

Southern Division and Homicide Bureau Region III police visited the scene.

Kiran Singh, the president of Greater San Fernando Area Chamber of Commerce (GSFCC), said he did not know De Leon or her family personally.

“The business community, and I am sure the wider society, was shocked and appalled by the murder. This happened in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Evidence from the footage circulating on social media from the security camera from the victim’s house shows that it appears it was not a robbery but, in all intents and purposes, a hit,” Singh said.

Singh believed the footage should be able to lead to the arrest.

“We have to wonder where the police are. This has certainly instilled a lack of confidence in the police. This woman was going about her daily affairs and was shot to death (a few) feet from her home. The police must protect the public from criminals and banditry,” Singh said.

“Crime continues to escalate unabated with no signs of anything improving. When will this stop? The detection rate is deplorable, and we cannot seem to get a handle on crime.”

A senior policeman said based on preliminary checks, De Leon did not report any threats to the police, nor did anyone make threats against her.

“So far, we have no motive. People on social media seem to have their theories. We work with facts and evidence. If they have evidence, they should call the nearest police station,” the policeman said.

Homicide Bureau Region III police are continuing investigations.

This story has been adjusted to include additional details. See original post below.

A businesswoman was gunned down on Saturday morning in her SUV while driving out of her home in Duncan Village in San Fernando.

Allison De Leon, of De Leon Bananas Ltd, died on the spot in the driver’s seat shortly after 8 am.

Initial reports said she was driving her Range Rover when gunshots rang out.

Relatives and residents found her body and alerted the police.

She was the mother of four.

Southern Division and Homicide Bureau Region III police visited the scene.

The police do not have a motive.

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