Cash Pot Results For Today: Friday 18 August 2023

Dear, you so much for visiting our thorough guide on Cash Pot Results for Today, Friday, 18 August 2023. This article provides you with the most recent Supreme Venture Results for the Cash Pot game. To provide you with the most recent and precise results for the Cash Pot game in Jamaica, our crew has put in countless hours of labor.

If you enjoy playing the Cash Pot game, you are aware of how crucial it is to follow the most recent outcomes. We are dedicated to providing you with the most precise and trustworthy results for Jamaica’s Cash Pot game.

Let’s get started with the Cash Pot Results for Today, Friday, 18 August 2023.

Results for the Cash Pot Game from the Supreme Venture

One of the most played lottery games in Jamaica is the Cash Pot game. The largest gaming business in the Caribbean, Supreme Ventures Limited, is in charge of running it. Choose a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999 to play the game. You win the game if your chosen number coincides with the winning number.

Here are the Supreme Venture Results for the Cash Pot game for Friday 18 August 2023:

06, 13, 09, 18, 04  Multiplier: 1X

Congratulations if you have one of the winning numbers! The Cash Pot game has been won by you. Please take note that Supreme Ventures Limited must officially validate the winning numbers.

How to Play the Cash Pot Game

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to play Cash Pot if you’ve never done it before:

Between 0000 and 9999, choose a four-digit number.

Choose whether you want to play in the morning, noon, afternoon, or evening.

Set your betting amount (the minimum bet is JMD 30).

Make your wager at any licensed Cash Pot agent.

Every day, including weekends and holidays, there are four draws for the Cash Pot game. At any authorized Cash Pot agent in Jamaica, you can play the game.

Why Play the Cash Pot Game

A thrilling and enjoyable method to win some extra money is to play the Cash Pot game. Your odds of winning are better than with other lottery games because there are four draws each day. Additionally, the minimum wager is lower, making it more widely available.

Playing the Cash Pot game contributes to the growth of sports, culture, and education in Jamaica in addition to the cash award. A portion of the game’s earnings is donated to numerous organizations and causes across the nation.


We sincerely hope that our tutorial on Cash Pot Results for Today Friday , 18 August, 2023 was both useful and educational. For the Cash Pot game in Jamaica, our crew is committed to giving you the most precise and dependable outcomes. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the space provided below.

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